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vCloud Air OnDemand Beta

VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Beta – Sign up now

At VMworld this week, VMware announced the Beta of the new VMware vCloud Air OnDemand offering. VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Beta VMware vCloud Air OnDemand is the new pay-as-you-go offering that will allow consumers to pay for what they use and simply charge it to their credit cards.  This model provides a very simple and effective way to spin up new workloads and applications quickly and easily, without the need to raise purchase orders. The beta is open to anyone to register, and then people will be selected based on qualification and notified. You can read more about the press release on VMware vCloud Air OnDemand beta here Sign up now! To sign up for the beta follow this link: http://vcloud.vmware.com/service-offering/core-compute-services/ondemand

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Cloud Storage Tiers

Leverage multiple Cloud Storage Tiers

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of projects within the vCloud Hybrid Service. One of these projects has been working with Storage Tiers in the cloud.  Recently vCloud Hybrid Service launched new tier of storage Standard Storage.  Offering multiple storage tiers is a critical part of  delivering cloud services to consumers who needed different levels of service. Multiple Cloud Storage Tiers I wanted to link to a couple of articles over on the VMware vCloud blog that I think are important to read and understand when considering how to architect your cloud workloads. VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Standard Storage Tier Mix and Match Storage Tiers The two articles above really demonstrate the power of how you can architect your workloads to leverage different cost models, based on your requirements for performance vs cost, and how simple it is to implement these deployments into Infrastructure […]

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Free vCloud Hybrid Service

Get first month free vCloud Hybrid Service

Just found out about this cool offer from VMware. Get first month free vCloud Hybrid Service If you are a new customer purchasing a VMware vCloud Hybrid Service subscription greater than one (1) month during the promotion period, you will receive the first month at no charge. In addition, you have the right to cancel your service within the first 30 days, with no penalty! Thats a pretty nice offer I think. Offer details Applies to vCloud Hybrid Service: Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery Your subscription service contract must be greater than one (1) month Offer applies to all subscription capacity included in your initial order Applies only to your new subscription services orders. Offer will not apply to your renewal orders. You may choose prepaid or monthly payment terms You will be responsible for metered, overage or usage-based component charges such as Microsoft licenses out of our […]

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