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Some vCloud Networking and Security Q&A’s

Q. When I configure vCNS Edge HA, what is the “Management IP” referring to? A. HA Management IP is the IP Address used for communication between the active and standby Edge. By default, the user does not need to worry about it (we call it zero-configuration), but the user has the option to explicitly specify it (and its interface). As you know, the IP Address is shared between the active and standby Edge, except this HA Management IP, which should be different. Q. If I enable HA, will it reboot the current Edge device during the installation of the new HA Edge device? A. No. When a user enables HA, vCNS Manager will deploy the secondary Edge device and republish the new configuration to both Edge devices. No reboot of the original Edge is required. In most cases, the original Edge device will be the initial active device, so there […]

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