Enable backups of Virtual Machines in vCloud Hybrid Service

Starting in my new role as Technical Marketing Manager yesterday for the vCloud Hybrid Service, I have found that you can very easily backup your VM’s running in vCHS. I wasnt aware you could do this. Most people who have been following my blog over the years know that backups and vCloud Director have in the past been a challenge to say the least. With vCloud Hybrid Service you can enable daily backups of you VMs very easily.

Enable Backups of Virtual Machines

So lets take a look at how you enable backups within vCHS.

  1. Login to the portal at vchs.vmware.com
  2. Find the Virtual Machine you want to backup, and click the drop down arrow: 
    enable backups
  3. From the menu click Enable Data Protection
    enable backups
  4. You will be asked if you want to continue and Enable Data Protection
    enable backups
  5. Once the task is completed, you will see the notification confirming it has been enabled
    enable backups

You can also check if the Data Protection Service is enabled by checking your Virtual Machine Details.

enable backups


Its that simple.  5 clicks of the mouse and you have a daily backup.

Key features

The Data Protection service offers some nice key features, which I have listed below.  Further information from VMware can be read by clicking here

  • Daily/24-hour backup schedule
  • Synthetic-full and encrypted backup images
  • Standard 30-day local retention
  • Per-virtual-machine service registration
  • No artificial limits on the number or size of registered virtual machines
  • Unlimited restore-operation requests

To restore a VM from backup, you call VMware Technical Support and they will perform the restore for you within 4 hours.

Its a nice feature of vCloud Hybrid Service, and something I have needed in the past with other cloud providers.  I would definitely recommend having a look.

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