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What is the purpose of .DvsData

I have seen some information flying around today regarding vDS switches, what is the .DvsData folder and what happens with the loss of vCenter. Some information regarding vDS is listed below: 1. Each ESX host keeps local database that describes vDS /etc/vmware/dvsdata.db. This allows the ESX host to run vDS as a simple vSwitch, when vCenter is down There is an unsupported tool to display contents of this database /usr/lib/vmware/bin/net-dvs – The dvsdata.db file only holds information that doesn’t have to be shared across esx hosts, this will include local switch configuration (uplinks etc.) as well as configuration for dvPorts that host vnics (mgmt, vmotion and FT) connect to. 2. There is .DvSdata folder, which as I understood holds the information about virtual switches, which is synchronized with all ESX hosts, which are using this switch. – The folder contains information about ports relating to the vm vnics. Ports connected […]

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