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VMware vCloud Availability Architecture

vTechTalk: VMware vSAN Service Provider Use Cases

For Service Providers who are looking to lower the costs of launching new services like VMware vCloud Availability, exploring the use cases with VMware vSAN is essential. This vTechTalk gives an overview of how VMware vSAN can help a Service Provider drive down costs and build new services quickly. For further information go to cloudproviders.vmware.com

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object storage what is it

Object Storage What is it?

During VMworld their was a lot of talk around the announcement of VMware vCloud Air Object Storage.  This is a major milestone for VMware’s Cloud Services offering, and provides a lot of capabilities customers have been asking for.  You can read the Tech Preview Blog Article here. However, since VMworld a lot of people have been asking me “Object Storage What is it? and why would I use it?”.  Not everyone has heard of Object Storage, let alone started consuming it, so I thought now would be a good opportunity to share with people what I have been using Object Storage for. I have been using Object Storage offerings for over 4 years now.  Ever since I discovered that my Iomega (now Lenovo) PX-4 could automatically backup to Amazon S3, I have been using it for a backup service. As always, when you want to know a description about something, […]

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vCloud vApp Design and Use Case – Part 3

This article is part 3 of my vCloud vApp design considerations and use cases definition. Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 In this follow on article we will look at some more of the use cases for vApp’s and what type of vCloud Director networking they will use. Use Case 3 – vApp Network (Routed) You would typically use this configuration where there is a requirement for connectivity between multiple vApps but in addition a requirement to provide controlled segregation between them.  In this example multiple vApps of the same configuration can be deployed without risk of conflict due to the firewall and NAT capability being introduced.  vApps will have connectivity to an isolated Organization network for inter vApp connectivity, but there is no external connectivity available and all network traffic within the Organization is isolated at Layer 2. If you think of a training environment, where […]

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