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vCloud Director Transfer mount point (Spool Area)

This post is more for a reminder to myself. I am always forgetting where I need to mount the transfer LUN on vCloud Director cells. The transfer LUN is used for uploading and downloading, and can be NFS or other types of shared storage. It is only used for when you have more than one vCD cell. The location is /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer If anyone is interested in reading more about what the transfer mount is used for Jason Boche wrote a great article on it.

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VMware vCloud Request Manager is now GA

VMware vCloud Request Manager is now GA

VMware released vCloud Request Manager yesterday, and I feel it is important to mention this product on my site. vCloud Request Manager is an important addition to VMware vCloud Director. It provides the ability to add workflows and approval processes to vCloud Director enabling Cloud Administrators to keep full control and responsibility over there cloud environments. Here is an excerpt from the VMware product page Develop private cloud governance and control over VMware vCloud Director private clouds with vCloud Request Manager. * Add sophisticated approval workflows to provisioning requests * Automatically track software license usage as vApps are commissioned and decommissioned to maintain compliance * Enforce standardized settings on vCloud Director “Organizations” through the use of policies called “Blueprints” These capabilities are delivered out-of-the-box, allowing enterprises to quickly deploy a private cloud infrastructure supported by VMware end to end. I would recommend anyone evaluating or deploying a PoC to download […]

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