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Netherlands VMUG Review 2015

I got the opportunity to attend the Netherlands VMUG today.  This is the first time I have attended the Netherlands VMUG so I was looking forward to it.  I have heard good things about the Netherlands VMUG from my colleagues. Lets start with the attendance.  The Netherlands VMUG has the opportunity to become the largest VMUG in the globe.  Currently the record is held by Indianapolis at 935 attendees.  The Netherlands VMUG has 975 registered attendees, so it will be good too see if this is achieved at the end of the day. The first session was the keynote with @JoeBaguley. Joe is an excellent presenter and always impresses when presenting sessions.  This session had it all, humor, information, strategy and technology. Joe talked about the direction of where IT  is going.  His point is that IT is not all about infrastructure, but is about the App and Data.  IT […]

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