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AWS Summit Review

AWS Summit Review by a VMware guy – Part 1

So today, I attended the AWS Summit in San Francisco.  This is my first non VMware conference, so I admit I was a little excited to attend the conference.  I thought it would be a good to write an AWS Summit Review from a VMware guys perspective.  So welcome to Part 1. Disclaimer: If you don’t know, I work for VMware in the vCloud Hybrid Service Business Unit.  You will not find anything in this article that is in any way detrimental to VMware or its services.  If your looking for that, sorry. Right, now thats out the way, lets talk about the day, and provide an intro to my later posts. One of the cool things about the AWS Summit is the fact that its free!  Yes free!  I like this idea, as it means a lot of people who don’t/cant haver the means to pay $$$ for conferences […]

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